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This was the fifth program to be adopted by the Ladies Auxiliary VFW.  It started with the formation of the Daughters of the VFW in 1935. It was apparent in 1938 that hundreds of Auxiliaries were assisting in all kinds of youth activities in addition to the Daughters. From these beginnings, our current Youth Activities Program came into existence. Random Act of Patriotism (template)

Junior Gilr Membership Flyer

Junior Gilrs Scholarship Application
Program goals:
Youth Groups supporting our Veterans National Citations (application)

Sponsoring and Working with Youth Groups

Junior Girls Units (Manual)

Marquitta Hill

as copied from the 2014-2015 program book: (some additons were made)

The purpose of this program is to teach America's youth about their responsibilities as a citizen. The organization not only provides several scholarship opportunities but also sponsors groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs and sports teams.

I personally work with youth on a daily basis. I encourage the youth to participate in school activities such as baseball, basketball, football, art club, band, and cheer leading. I encourage the youth to participate in activities dealing with the Veterans. Each of you should encourage our youth to get involved with the Boy and Girl Scouts, 4h Clubs, school and community sports and school activities.

All monthly reports are due by the 1st of each month. I am asking each Auxiliary to touch on each program goals monthly.

Junior Girls
To be a Junior girl of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW, you must be 5 to 16 years of age. Eligibility is the same requirements as the Ladies Auxiliary VFW. Junior Girls Units can (1) send care packages to soldiers overseas, (2) volunteer in hospitals and nursing homes, (3) raise funds to fight cancer, (4) march in parades, (5) learn about patriotism and history of our county, (6) help the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary support military service members and their families, and (7) make friends and have fun. Junior Girls are eligible to receive cancer grants after a year of membership.

excerpt from the National Ladies Auxiliary VFW website:

To be a Junior Girl of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW, you must be 5 to 16 years of age and be a…

  • daughter
  • stepdaughter
  • granddaughter
  • sister
  • step sister
  • or half sister

…of someone who is eligible for the VFW. This would be someone who has served overseas in a U.S. military conflict that the VFW recognizes as a foreign war. For details, talk to your closest Ladies Auxiliary VFW.

This free program is a little different that others like it. There are no badges to buy, wear, pin or iron. Instead you will receive digital badges to print out, put in a scrapbook, post on line or use however you want. There are 55 different badges to earn, plus the national President's Achievement Badge and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze badges. For each badge, there is one to four projects to complete. Read the requirements for each one carefully and decide what you will do either as a Unit or on your own. Once you've completed the requirements for the badge, your Unit leader will fill out the form provided and send it to National Headquarters. We will e-mail your Unit leader your badge. Please visit JUMP for the manual.
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Youth Activities Awards:
  1.  Citation to each Department Chairman for participation in this program.
  2. Fireworks Gift Certificate to one Department Chairman in each Membership Group for the best the Youth Groups Supporting Our Veterans Citations.
  3. Outstanding Preformance Award in wach membership Group based on criteria listed on Page 1 and fo teh promotion of the Program Goals on Page 20.
Marquitta Hill